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The Golden Raven Chpt 11
Chapter Eleven
Ginny stood in the Potions Lab stirring the contents of a cauldron as she stared intently at the recipe for a Draught of Peace. She was so concentrated on her work that she didn't hear the door to the lab open and close as someone entered.
"What'cha up to Red?" Blaise's cool voice broke the absolute silence of the room.
Ginny screamed, spun around, flicked her wand and sent Blaise flying across the room and into a wall.
"Oh my God! Blaise are you alright?" Ginny advanced on the boy, kneeling at his side, her hands moving to his head to assess any and all damage.
He laughed after he caught his breath and gently moved her aside so he could stand up. "I'm fine Red. Now to repeat the question, what'cha up to?"
"Apparently I'm throwing people across the room." She smiled and turned back to her cauldron. "What are you doing here? Snape doesn't exactly like people in the lab when he's not here."
"Then I could ask you the same thing." He smirked as her eyes narrowed at the turn
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Daughter of War Chpt 5
Chapter Five
Lyric arrived to her archery lessons a bit early and was not shocked to see most of the other campers there, look away and or move away from her. She'd seen it happen to most if not all of her siblings; it was a reaction that was reserved for the children of Ares alone.
She stood in the sun, watching the others as they shot their targets, noting the way they held their bows, the way they balanced themselves; she knew these things would be good to know in a battle. Not that her fellow campers would be her enemies … she didn't think.
She turned to walk back to the edge of the archery area when she saw Lee coming her way. She smiled softly when he didn't change direction and her smile grew when he smiled back.
"Hey Red, all set for your first lesson?" He asked as he grabbed a couple bows; handing one to her he motioned for her to copy his stance.
"Hey. Yeah, now that I know that you're not going to run away from me." She glanced at him quickly and then mirrored his sta
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Memories by SnapeLover415 Memories :iconsnapelover415:SnapeLover415 0 2 I Dreamed A Dream by SnapeLover415 I Dreamed A Dream :iconsnapelover415:SnapeLover415 4 0
As she walked through the quiet garden, she found herself thinking back to the time they spent together in a garden so similar to this one. Filled with gorgeous flowers, roses, lilies, daffodils, peonies, all such wonderous reminders that life is filled with beauty,
But there was a flipside she knew, a side that was dark, cold and unforgiving; a place where there was no sun, no flowers - the place that she had just walked blindly into. Her heart hurt, her body hurt and her head spun. She knew that there was nothing that could've been done but that couldn't stop the pain and the tears.
All that did was knowing that there was no pain anyomore, no fear, nothing that could dampen the spirit. She looked around and saw where her feet had carried her, it was to a beautiful marble marker, she'd seen it before and knew that she would see it again.
It had flowers on it, both carved into the stone and set on and around it, it held the memory of someone, someone who had been dearly loved. As she r
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The Gift by SnapeLover415 The Gift :iconsnapelover415:SnapeLover415 2 0
Daughter of War Chpt 4
Chapter Four
Lee was leaning against a tree, watching Silena as she showed off her Pegasus riding skills to a few of the newer kids. He smiled as some of the girls stared wide eyed at the beautiful winged horse. After another fifteen minutes of "The Introduction to the Pegasus", Lee walked over to where Silena was standing and overseeing the kids as they groomed a couple of the horses.
"Hey Lee, what's up?" The blue eyed girl asked as he walked up.
"Have you seen Lyric?" He asked, rubbing the nose of the Pegasus that came up beside them.
"No, not since breakfast." Silena thought for a minute "She can't be that hard to find, she's the only one here with hair that red."
Lee chuckled "While that may be true, it's hard to spot her by her hair when her hair's up."
"Have you checked the beach? I've seen her there a few times with a notebook looking very frustrated."
"I looked there after breakfast but it couldn't hurt to look again. Thanks Silena." He smiled and headed toward the beach.
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Mature content
Shadows: Chapter One :iconsnapelover415:SnapeLover415 0 0
Quinn Collage by SnapeLover415 Quinn Collage :iconsnapelover415:SnapeLover415 1 0


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Holly Altmeyer
I'm writing a novel that I'm having trouble figuring out a title for. Any suggestions, advice or input of any other kind would be greatly appreciated.

The novel is about a sergeant with the NYPD named Slade Cunningham who is investigating a series of deaths all committed by a man who stalks his "prey" first. The stalker first made an appearance five years previous to the novel's opening when he was killing graduates of the Police Academy. He killed Slade's pregnant wife Eryn which has had a massive effect on him. The stalker is back and once again killing graduates of the academy but this time there is a young journalist named Lyric Gallagher who did an article on the failure rates of the Police Academy; this angered the stalker since he himself failed the academy. He begins to stalk Lyric and Slade is ordered to protect her and to finally catch the guy. Love will eventually develop between Lyric and Slade as well as a startling revelation about the stalker.

As I said, a title for this beast is eluding me and I would love any and all help that is given to me. Let me know if more info is needed and I'll do my best to add more.


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